Sunday, March 30, 2014

Organic Prefabrication

    I am fascinated by structures and textured  surfaces. In reality I couldn't build anything with refinement. My dad was a carpenter for good part of his working life and yet I never really was able to build things...however, I have a deep appreciation for carpentry and masonry (both the the process and result). I remember going with Pop on work-sites and marveling at how he and the crew sawed and nailed the wooded house frames, positioned and secured the walls, laid out Sheetrock and secured the roof shingles. It was back breaking dad would come home after a hot NC summer and have my mom peel away his shirt and he would lay in the floor to cool off.
     While at Pop's work-sites, I would play around with scraps...balance the pieces into lego-like configurations...hyperbolize chucks of wood and brick into imaginary palaces and surreal alien sets. I never lost that wonder...that curiosity for balance and isolation...for desolation and creation...for existence and etherealness. Perhaps that is why I love Edward Hopper's edifical paintings...Yves Tanguy's surreal otherworldly constructions/cognitions...and Roger Dean's profoundly iconic (and bong-worthy) album covers.
"Decay" 2014, ink on paper

"Awesome Ideals + Awful Results", 2014, ink

"Pi Plate", 2014, ink

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