Thursday, July 30, 2015

Unicyclist in Ire Neck of the Woods

     As you have most likely noted before, I enjoy visual drollness. The worlds of Edward Gorey and Charles Addams makes me glow with a felicitous chagrin! Almost every one of my preposterous preponderances are saturated in satire, sarcasm, or just plain silliness. One of my latest endeavors into this realm is the depiction of a "lusus naturae" casually rolling through a neighborhood on its misaligned/maligned single-wheeled contraption. 

     Monstrosity or not...this is us! 
We are all uninformed, deviated, malformed receptacles of derisory flesh. For certain, each of us has felt self-conscious...socially ill-fitting...bereft of  confidence and still found the will to lumber on. Well, this ain't this guy. He is totally adept in this world; he feels right at home in this vicinaged milieu. He is out for a stroll on his mechanized monstrosity and is feeling great. There is the message...feel good in your own skin...we all need to find a place we can fit in...yeah, even if it's all by ourselves.
"Unicyclist in Ire Neck of the Woods", 2015 digital paint over ink sketch