Monday, May 13, 2013

"Monster Heads", 2011 & 2012, Sculpey, glass beads, and acrylic paint mounted on a wood base

"Vampire Trophy" 2011
photography by Seth Benson
   These heads are derivative of trophies one might have after a hunt. Of course they are injected with the same dose of whimsey and satire typically seen in most of my character designs. The initial idea for these stemmed from a sculpting workshop I  was only to last 3 days so I had to conceive of method that could be rapidly sculpted, fired, and painted. Taxidermy monster heads seemed to be the best fit.
   Each piece was formed over an aluminum foil core; Sculpey(TM) served as the sculptural vehicle. I wanted to include slightly "realistic" eyes because sculpted eyes are often too "lifeless". The vampire's ears were formed over thick cardboard cutouts. I wanted to make him appear older and battle-scarred, so I placed a long fleshy trench down his face over his left eye. His scale is approximately 9" x 12". I mounted him to the stained wood base with Liquid Nails.
   "Glob" is supposed to be the remnant of a viscious/viscous cyclops warrior; I wanted it to appear to be still oozing. His eye, (like the vampire's) has a hole punched deep into the head.  It was painted black prior to firing to give the impression of a pupil. Since the glass is green, I treated it like it was pure iris (no sclera).
"Glob" 2012
photography by Kristina Phillips
   I haven't created a sculptural piece in a while now; but it is time to makes plans to jump back into it again soon.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"Sol" and "Luna", 2010 acrylic on manikin forms

Sol and Luna as seen at the Litchford Gallery Show
now owned by Liz Gray
  This was an experiment I must try again. A while back, I had bought these manikin forms online (actually  the unpainted forms hung in my bedroom for over a year). After getting motivated for a group show at a makeshift gallery in Litchford Village and an upcoming solo show at the Atomic Salon I decided the time was right to finally inundate/liberate/elucidate the forms. With a plethora of contemplation (and yes procrastination) the theme would  be derived from reciprocity...terrestrial/celestial...male/
  The male form was to be earth-bound...xerotes...Prometheus chained for his deeds of fire. The iconic buttes of Monument Valley served as a perfect setting for maleness...testosterone laden cowboys...phallic projections thrust upwards from a desolate terrain/physique like a sublime Calvin Klein underwear ad. Sol looms high in the sky with a manly tattooed arrogance...the sky is certainly cloudy with threatening rains/reins/reigns. The time is high noon...time for vultures and unfinished violence.
  Juxtaposed with a slightly more diminutive proportion, Luna floats effortlessly in an umbrageous sky. A fertile treeline silhouette offered up in a sensuous/sinuous undulation...with a low-cut panties seductiveness. Quiet...moist...reflective...luminous stardust scattered around mother moon...snuggled within clandestine breasts. Luna is the heart, the soul/sole illumination within the dark of night. of the empyrean gate.
  ? Have you noticed that both forms possess ironically capped hooks...things that hold up the them...bind their backs against the wall...leave them hanging. Perhaps that is the grandest gesture of all as it is revealed/reveled/reviled/re-veiled between the sexes. Not knowing...yet yearning to do so.